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117 Old Testament Prophetic Literature

Isaiah through Malachi. The prophetic office; prophetic themes in the pre-exilic, exilic, and post-exilic periods; prophetic proclamation in the covenant and legal context; Messianic prophecies; judgment, restoration, and eschatology. 3 hrs.
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Chapter 1 Jon.
Chapter 2 Amos
Chapter 3 Hos.
Chapter 4 Mic.
Chapter 5a Is. Intro
Chapter 5b Is.
Chapter 6 Nah.
Chapter 7 Zeph.
Chapter 8a Hab.
Chapter 8b Jer.
Chapter 9a Ezek.
Chapter 9b Jer.
Chapter 10a Ezek.
Chapter 10b Lam.
Chapter 11a Lam.
Chapter 11b Oba.
Chapter 12a Dan.
Chapter 12b Oba.
Chapter 13a Dan.
Chapter 13b Hag.
Chapter 14a Hag.
Chapter 14b Zech.
Chapter 15a Joel
Chapter 15b Zech.
Chapter 16a Joel
Chapter 16b Mal.
Chapter 17 Mal.
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