Charges and Fees

Tuition (per semester, 16-18 hrs.)
Additional hrs. @ 19 and above
Tuition (per credit hour)  
1-6 credit hours
7-9 credit hours
10-12 credit hours
13-15 credit hours
Audit (per credit hour)
Minimum payment at registration
Additional Fees  
Application Fee (auditors are exempt)
Program Change Fee
Late Registration Fee
Course Extension Fee (of course tuition)
Thesis Filing Fee
Graduation Fee
Student Visa Change Fee
Official Transcript Fee (after the first)

Costs for class texts and syllabi will vary according to the number of hours in the student’s course load.

Payment Arrangements

All fees and charges are due at registration. For those not able to pay in full at the time of registration, a payment plan is available with a $100 minimum down at registration; there is a monthly finance charge on unpaid balances. Payment arrangements must be made with the business manager at the time of registration. If Pastoral Mentorship students are on a payment plan, one half of their tuition must be paid by January 25 with the balance paid by May 25. Degrees will be granted and transcripts will be issued only for those students whose accounts are current.

Pay Tuition by Bank or Credit Card Using

Simply select “Tuition” in the “To:” box. The “cover fees” box should default as checked.


Upon written notification of withdrawal from the Seminary, students are entitled to a pro-rated refund of the full semester’s tuition only. The following schedule will be employed in granting refunds prior to the end of:

  1. the second week 80%
  2. the fourth week 60%
  3. the sixth week 40%
  4. the eighth week 20%

By law, V.A. beneficiaries are not subject to the above refund schedule but shall receive a pro-rated refund based on the unfinished amount of their course(s).

Based on their tuition obligation for the term, distance students in the Pastoral Mentorship Program that drop classes before coming to the summer session are subject to the following refund schedule:

  1. Drop in July, August, or September 87.5% return
  2. Drop in October, November, December 75% return
  3. Drop in January, February, March 62.5% return
  4. Drop in April, May 50% return