The WRS Journal — Volume 15 Issue 2 — August 2008
Seminary: Foundation for Ministry

Editor’s Notes
“Editor’s Notes,” John A. Battle

Pastoring / Preaching
“Pastoring and Preaching,” John Dyck
“Some of a Pastor’s Most Useful Books,” Steven Brinegar
“WRS: A Solid Foundation for Pastoring and Preaching,” Leonard W. Pine

“Seminary and Biblical Counseling,” Eric Lasch

Home Missions
“Seminary and a Home Missionary,” Richard Peralez

Lay Leadership
“Seminary Training—A Foundation for Ministry,” Roland L. Porter
“Seminary Training for the Police Beat?” John Galle

Christian Education
“Twenty-five Years for Western Reformed Seminary,” Tito Lyro

Internet Ministry
“The Treasures of Seminary,” Laurie Copeland

“The Princeton Seminary Curriculum,” Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield

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