The WRS Journal — Volume 16 Issue 2 — August 2009
John Calvin: 500 Years after His Birth (Part 2)

Editor’s Notes
“Editor’s Notes,” John A. Battle

Calvin’s Teachings & Influence
“The Doctrine of Scripture in Calvin and Turretin: A Personal Journey,” Tim Prussic
“Calvin’s Disciples, Then and Now,” Jason Anspach
“Calvin and Church Government,” James Huff
“John Calvin on Civil Government,” Garry Z. Cole
“John Calvin, The Work Ethic, and Vocation,” Allister Stone
“The Story of Calvinism in the New World: A Synopsis,” Leonard W. Pine
“Calvin and the American Quest for Liberty,” Hans A. Zeiger

Book Reviews
Lectures on Calvinism, by Abraham Kuyper, reviewed by Morris McDonald
The Necessity of Reforming the Church, by John Calvin, reviewed by Morris McDonald
The Expository Genius of John Calvin, by Steven J. Lawson, reviewed by Morris McDonald
The Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life, by John Calvin, reviewed by Morris McDonald
Devotions and Prayers of John Calvin, by Charles E. Edwards, reviewed by Morris McDonald
John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, & Doxology, edited by Burk Parsons, reviewed by Ben Robinson
John Calvin and the Natural World, by Davis A. Young, reviewed by John A. Battle
Calvin and the Libertines of Geneva, by Ross William Collins, edited by F. D. Blackley, reviewed by Judith Collins

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