The WRS Journal — Volume 6 Issue 2 — August 1999
“Postmodernism’s Assault on Absolute Truth”

Editor’s Notes
“Editor’s Notes“ by Leonard W. Pine

“The Postmodern Opiate of the People“ by Dr. Edward Oliver, Professor of Philosophy, Clearwater Christian College, Clearwater, FL

“Without Law, ‘Without Hope, Without God. . .’“ by Rev. Christopher Lensch
“What is Truth?“ by Rev. Tito Lyro
“Paul’s Dialogue with the Areopagus in Acts 17:16-34“ by Rev. David Ribeiro

“Biblical Epistemology“ by Rev. Ed Crawford and Elder Dan Ghormley

“Postmodernism’s Assault on Theology“ by Dr. John Battle
“Postmodern Worship: Declaring Whose Worth?“ by Rev. G. W. Fisher, Pastor

“Anchored in Reality“ by Deacon Charles Felss

David Larsen, The Art of Narrative Preaching, reviewed by Rev. Leonard Pine

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