Historic Premillennialism: The Unified Message of the Bible

Join us for four (4) lectures regarding historic premillennialism, the church and biblical Israel, the return of Christ, and the resurrection of the dead.

October 9, 2020, the four lectures for this fall's Ron Taber Lecture Series are now available.  Preview

 Lecture 1: The Identity of the Church and Its Relation to Biblical Israel; President Tito Lyro

 Lecture 2: Covenantal Promise, the New Covenant in Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and the Millennial Kingdom; Professor Chris Lensch

 Lecture 3: The Post-Tribulational Return of Christ; Professor John Battle, Th.D.

 Lecture 4: The Doctrine of the Resurrection: Board President, Pastor Steven Brinegar

Registration for the Pastoral Mentorship Program (PMP) ends on December 31.  Register today! 


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