Anti-inflation Feature

The rates under which a full-time student enters his degree program will remain constant for the duration of a three or four year course, even if regular fees and charges are increased after his first year. This guarantee cannot be given to special or part-time students.

Lifelong Academics

WRS graduates are allowed the privilege of auditing one course of their choice per semester at no charge. This opportunity applies to courses in or below their degree level; e.g., M.Div. graduates may audit courses other masters programs, but not vice-versa, and a day-time graduate may take advantage of this offer for courses within his degree division as well as the evening program. M.R.S. graduates may audit only evening classes in that program.

Spouse Bonus

The spouse of a student enrolled for credit may at no charge sit in the same classes that the student attends. The spouse of a student enrolled for credit may take the same class for credit at the reduced audit rate. If both spouses audit a class, one will pay the full audit rate and the other half the audit rate.

Financial Aid

Because of the generosity of WRS supporters, limited financial assistance is available for worthy students. Regular degree or certificate students may apply for scholarship aid toward tuition and syllabus fees from the General Scholarship Fund. Policy information. Application form.

A number of Bible Presbyterian supporters have established the J. Gresham Machen Scholarship Fund for students pursuing ordination in the Bible Presbyterian denomination. This aid is awarded to resident full-time M.Div. or B.D. students who have completed at least one year of studies at WRS. Guidelines. Application form.

Students seeking any kind of financial aid must apply in writing before the term in question begins. The Financial Assistance Committee will determine if aid shall be granted and the amount of the aid, based on the funds available and on the student’s academic work, need, and plans for future ministry. Application forms are available online or from the office of the business manager.

Veterans Benefits

Eligible veterans who enroll at Western Reformed Seminary may receive educational benefits which include living expenses. Selected programs of study are approved by the Washington State Approving Agency for enrollment of those eligible for benefits under Title 38 and Title 10, U.S. Code. This Agency has approved the following programs for veterans’ benefits: M.Div., M.R.E., M.B.S., M.T.S., M.C.M., and M.R.S. The PMP distance learning programs are not approved for veterans’ benefits. The amount of benefits is determined by the size of the veteran’s course load. Benefits based upon the number of hours enrolled are available according to the following rate schedule:

  1. 12 hours or more 100%
  2. 9-11 75%
  3. 6-8 50%
  4. 3-5 25%