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Partner with WRS in training the next generation of ministers!

The next generation of pastors, missionaries, and other Christian workers is preparing now! We as Christian individuals and churches have an obligation to provide laborers in Christ’s fields with the training they need. WRS graduates are prepared with knowledge of the Bible, theology, church history, and practical skills needed for ministry. They are dedicated to fundamental Christianity, the Reformed faith, and the need to militantly contend for the faith. Investing in these fine Christian leaders will greatly multiply your impact in the years to come.

Be a Core Donor, contributing regularly on a monthly basis.

  1. Tuition fees from seminary students pay only about 20% of our operating expenses.
  2. Contributions from you and other committed supporters must provide for the remaining 80%
  3. Become a regular monthly donor to WRS!
  4. You will receive regular thank-you letters, with a tax receipt and return envelope, along with a quick update on seminary activities.

Convenient reminder slips can be printed out for the whole year. Just cut off the slip for the month to send your donation to WRS.

Donate by Bank or Credit Card Using


Donate using PayPal or a Credit Card

Now you can give to WRS and designate your gift online, using a credit card or transferring directly from your bank account. Fast and convenient! Just click on the Donate button.

When you are a member of, online businesses will donate a percentage of the purchase price to WRS when you select us as your charity. Nearly all major stores and services are included (over 600 currently): travel agencies and airlines, eBay, major department stores, clothing stores, major book stores, and computer stores. It’s easy and free to join iGive.

  1.  It’s easy and free to join iGive
  2.  How to shop as an iGive member:
  3.  Go to the iGive website
  4.  Click on the store you want to shop at
  5.  The store’s own website will come up
  6.  Shop as usual
  7.  It’s that simple!

Planned Giving

Remember WRS in your will!

Often individuals with even a modest income during their life can contribute greatly by including WRS in their will. It can be a particular amount, or a percentage of the final estate. Contact the seminary for additional help or information.

Use Estate Planning

In order to protect your estate from undue taxes, and help both your heirs and your Christian ministry, take advantage of the favorable tax laws available for those who plan their estates. WRS can help with expert advice from committed Christian financial experts who can work with you and your attorney.

Contact WRS for more information.

We will be delighted to talk with you, to pray for you, and to work with you to further your particular interests in the seminary program.

Directed Giving

Ways You Can Designate Your Donation:

      1. Use Where Most Needed

The General Fund is the most used part of our budget. Gifts given that are not otherwise designated are placed into the General Fund.

      2. Faculty Support

You may designate your gift for faculty support in general. Faculty salaries take up most of the WRS budget.

      3. Faculty Pension Fund

You may also designate your gift for the Faculty Pension Fund. Seminary faculty who have served long are given by the seminary contributions to their own 403(b) accounts. However, these contributions are possible only when funds are available in the Faculty Pension Fund. Besides this arrangement, there is no other pension benefit for our faculty members.

      4. Capital Expenses

These are expenses related to the building, library, and major equipment purchases. We seek to have an attractive and useful physical facility, conducive to study and learning.

      5. General Student Scholarship Fund

Many students have financial hardship studying at seminary, especially if they are full-time. The General Scholarship Fund helps needy students with tuition and syllabus expenses.

      6. J. Gresham Machen Scholarship Fund

This fund was set up to help Bible Presbyterian ministerial students in particular. It is named after the great Presbyterian scholar and defender of the faith who led at the beginning of the separated Presbyterian churches in America seventy years ago.